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Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

The Loan Processor Assistant ("LPA") position is an entry level position which is designed to assist Loan Processors ("Processors"), provide familiarization with our IT systems, learn about processor/borrower communications and the file workflow. LPAs will assist in obtaining documentation from solution vendors, verifying the validity of borrower information, preparing files for review by Processors & Underwriters and learning to manage their responsibilities on a file pipeline

Education and Experience Requirements:

Pull daily “Loans Not Decisioned Report.” Use daily to prioritize work and begin to work all loans displayed Input all tasks completed in to Destiny under “Processing Comments.” Upload purchase agreement to blitz from Division mailbox and split out ID to Identification bar-code in blitz and EMD check to Assets miscellaneous barcode MERS – pull and upload to MERS barcode in blitz Flood Cert – pull flood cert from Destiny, upload to Flood Cert barcode in blitz. If cert comes back that it is in a flood zone. EMAIL THE PROCESSOR TO NOTIFY THEM USPS – pull on all files using subject property address and upload to USPS barcode in blitz LDP/GSA – pull and upload LDP/GSA bar code in blitz (FHA/ VA File in to Govt. section LDP/GSA and Conventional to LDP/GSA Conventional.) Parties required to be pulled: borrower, seller, listing or selling agent, and all parties for Lennar that signed the contract. Order Verification(s) of Employment both current and previous – (anything marked as self-employed, do not send VOE’s) – when received always upload in blitz to bullpen TRV – Pulls from Data Verify –Interthinx and Credco are the back-up companies. (When received upload to Income VOE tax transcripts barcode, if loan not decisioned. Upload to bullpen when loan is decisioned (CA2 or suspend) Order Title policy – Verify in loan contacts who the title company is in Destiny for both builder and spot transactions. Print the Preliminary Advice of Closing form and email to the title company contact. If a spot deal and the title company designated name and address is not listed in Destiny, this task then defaults to the processor. LPA will email the processor if Title Company name and address are not in Destiny on the spot deals only. NOTE: All task results performed prior to loan decisioning, (i.e. prior to CA2 or suspend status), need to be uploaded to the specified barcode. If the loan is decisioned (which means CA2 or suspend status, must upload all documents to bullpen. Email is sent to loan officer, cc Production Manager or Division Manager, and Operations Manager with subject line to read: THE PROCESSING OF YOUR LOAN HAS HAULTED Make a note of your email in processing comments. No 4506, Altered 4506, no record found, rejected, 4506 does not match 1040 address in the file, and years requesting section incomplete when the borrower initially signed Page 2/Loan Processing Assistant (continued) No Borrower’s Authorization MERS shows an undisclosed property or foreclosure – place result in MERS barcode and email all parties (include the processor on this email) PA & Destiny do not match: Borrower name, sales price and/or property address WHEN ALL FILE TASKS ARE COMPLETED UPLOAD LOAN PROCESSOR ASSISTANT CHECKLIST TO BULL PEN. Loan Processing Assistant Special Projects: (only to be done under the direction of your area Operations Manager) a. Five day MERS and Five Day Verbal b. Appraisal Ordering c. Order Case Number and CAIVRS on RUSH FHA loans only d. Insurance – monthly task only at Operations Manager direction e. Ordering Builder Docs – monthly task only at the direction of Operations Manager f. Help processors with: VOR/VOE’s/VOD’s (only at Operations Manager Direction)

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Full-time, regular associates are allotted personal days and paid sick leave and begin to accrue vacation time from the first day of employment! Eagle also provides ten paid holidays, including New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

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Our parent company, Lennar, offers various low and high insurance plan options including medical, dental, vision and life. Choose from several plans and multiple network providers for the best care in your area.

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All associates are eligible to enroll in the 401[k] plan. Lennar provides a company match on pre-tax contributions and offers an array of investment and contribution sources from which to choose.

A commitment to Homeownership

Do you know anyone looking for a new home? Associates may receive a referral fee if they refer a new, first-time visitor to a Lennar community. Associates may also take advantage of special incentives on the purchase of their own new Lennar home, as well as receive special interest rates and closing costs with Eagle.

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Eagle also offers access to exclusive discounts and rewards at thousands of brands. From purchases big and small, our corporate rates can help you save on everyday items!