Homebuying April 30 2020

Virtual Homebuying Is The New Normal

The housing industry has been evolving quickly to adapt to our new world of shelter-in-place orders and face masks. It is as important as ever to ensure the safety of our customers while still providing them with the homes that they need. Luckily, Eagle Home Mortgage and our partners have been going down this path for some time now and are ready to help you find a home almost entirely digitally.

The Safe & Simple Way to Buy A Home

Lennar is one of America’s leading homebuilders and has had the privilege of helping over one million families move into the next stage of life with a new home. As part of the Lennar family of companies, we are proud of how quickly Lennar has put together new home touring options that let you choose how you want to find your new home in a way that makes you feel safe and comfortable. You can choose between:

  • An onsite, private self-tour through a simple scheduling process*
  • An engaging, virtual tour online with a high-quality 3D experience
  • An in person, one-on-one tour with a New Home Consultant

You don't have to put finding your dream home on hold with these new touring options. In a time when home means more than ever before, this is a great time to focus on finding the home that makes the most sense for you and your family.

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Eagle’s Digital Mortgage makes it easy to find out how much you can afford – and you can do it from the comfort of your living room! Connect your bank statements, tax records and other documentation to quickly finish your mortgage application. And don’t worry if you have to stop in the middle to try and teach your children algebra – our auto-save feature allows you to pick up right where you left off.

After you submit your pre-qualification online, your loan officer will assist in selecting the best loan option for you and will guide you through completing your application. This will include obtaining the necessary documentation, verifying information and reviewing your file to make a final decision on loan approval. But don't worry, if you have questions along the way your Loan Officer will be just a phone call, text or email away.

Save Time, Close Online

After your home is ready for you to move in, it’s time to close on your mortgage. Our partners at CalAtlantic Title have been working with us to create Eagle Express Close, a simple closing process that saves you time and gets you into your home as quickly as possible. You’ll be able to review and sign the majority of your loan documents prior to your closing appointment.

Your Safe Place

The idea of home has always been a place of safety and comfort, but now our homes are becoming so much more. They’re our offices, our classrooms, our gyms. Finding your home during this time of change doesn’t have to be difficult. Eagle is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a safe, smooth, and simple homebuying journey. 


*Only select models available for tour

October 07 2020

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Laura Escobar Named 2020 Woman of Influence

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January 10 2020

How do Interest Rates Affect Purchasing Power?

Purchasing power refers to the price of the home you can afford based on the budget you have available. Naturally, if interest rates start to increase, you will not be able to afford the same home on the same budget. In a nutshell, you will be paying more for...

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4 Refinancing Myths BUSTED

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Homebuying Hurdle: Debt

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12 Days of Savings

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November 27 2019

Market Update: FHFA Announces Loan Limit Increases

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has announced that the conforming loan limits will be increased to $510,400 in 2020

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Why Interest Rates Aren’t the Only Thing That Matters

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Homebuyer Solutions Group Success Story

Marylynn M. and her husband successfully improved their credit scores while enrolled in Eagle Home Mortgage’s Homebuyer Solutions Group (HBSG) program and were able to purchase their dream Lennar Home after graduation. We spoke to HBSG Credit Specialist,...

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Home Organization Tips to Spark Joy

There is a proven correlation between home clutter and stress. Organizing your abode is a quick and relatively easy way to bring more joy (and extra time) to your life. Here are some home organization tips to help you spark joy!

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