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Save Time, Close Online with Eagle Express Close

After you’ve gone through the loan process, gotten that clear to close and your Lennar home is ready for you to move in, it’s time for the closing process. Closing is the final step before that new home is officially yours!

During closing you will have to review, sign and date numerous legal documents. It may sound simple; but be prepared for a ton of paperwork. At Eagle Home Mortgage we understand the excitement of your new home will make your closing day feel like a whirlwind. We’re always striving to simplify the homeownership process and want you to be as prepared as possible before the big day.

That’s why Eagle and CalAtlantic Title enable online closings with remote signatures for qualifying borrowers. With Eagle Express Close, you can e-sign many of your closing documents prior to attending your closing appointment. E-sign on the go from a computer, tablet or mobile device. This saves you time on closing day and gets you into your new home even sooner!

Benefits of Eagle Express Close:

  • Faster Closing Appointments – e-sign many of your closing docs prior to attending your closing appointment
  • Seamless Transaction - review docs & ask questions ahead of time so there is no confusion the day of closing
  • Safe & Secure - One-time use text password confirms your identity and ensures the transaction is safe and secure
  • Saves Money & Paper - download your documents after e-signing w/o needing to print them all
  • e-Sign on the Go – all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device and a solid internet connection

How Eagle Express Close Works:

Once your closing package is ready, you’ll receive an email with instructions to access your documents. You’ll be able to login and review all of your documents carefully and have time to ask your Loan Officer or Closing Agent any questions you may have.

On your closing day, you’ll receive another email when it is time to e-sign your documents. Then you’ll show up to your closing appointment, sign the remaining documents and be in your dream home faster than ever before!

What are you waiting for? Get pre-qualified today and ask your loan officer about Eagle Express Close!

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