Lifestyle June 04 2020

DIY Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is fast-approaching and while your summer plans may be uncertain during these times, there’s always DIY projects to help entertain your kids when they would normally be at summer camp or participating in daytime activities currently on hold. Eagle Home Mortgage has some ideas to bring your kiddos homemade happiness:

Homemade Bird Feeders

Help your little ones to appreciate nature. Once you make the bird feeder, the kiddos will be glued to the window to see if any winged friends stop for a snack. Many different homemade bird feeders can be constructed using materials such as pinecones, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls and, of course, bird seed. For extra entertainment and education, buy them a birdwatching book and have them identify the birds they see!

Encouraging Messages with Sidewalk Chalk

Have your kids write uplifting messages or draw positive pictures on the driveway to make passersby smile. They’ll think of it as their own little outdoor art gallery. For extra DIY fun, you can even make the chalk yourself using plaster of Paris and tempera paint. Take care to limit the drawings to your property (unless your neighbors request a custom art piece) and ensure your HOA has no rules against this.

Fun with Tie Dye

This is probably best saved for older kids or a time when you can supervise the younger ones as it can get a little messy. All you really need for some tie dye fun is a plain white t-shirt, rubber bands, and fabric dye. There are so many different patterns you and your family can have fun with! And your kiddos will want to make this a staple of their outfit all summer long. To avoid some of the mess, lay down a tarp, plastic sheeting, or garbage bags in an outdoor area and use gloves when handling the dye.

Plant a Garden

Plant some of your family’s favorite herbs and vegetables and recruit the kids to help. Perhaps let them personally pick out one thing they like to eat so they have a special connection to the garden. Create a watering schedule so they can help water the plants and show them how to properly harvest them once they are ripe so they can experience the reward of growing food from start to finish. Who knows, you kids might even want to consume more veggies if they had a hand in growing them!

DIY Games

Doing the craft itself can create entertainment value, but why not create something they can continue to enjoy all summer long? You and your kids can enjoy building an outdoor game in your yard such as bean bag toss or a miniature golf course. Once your project is complete, they will be entertained for hours playing the games they helped to create.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

This may not be considered a “craft” but it sure does scream summer. When the weather warms up, the craving for frozen treats spikes. But instead of just buying said treats, make them at home! They’ll love eating something they’ve made from scratch and you can know you’re feeding your kids something with familiar ingredients, such as milk and vanilla extract. Kids will especially love making ice cream in a bag.

Prevent the little ones from going stir crazy and give yourself a break this summer when times are a bit uncertain. DIY crafts will keep them entertained while allowing you to have a productive day. We hope you enjoyed these summer craft suggestions from Eagle Home Mortgage.

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