Home Selling January 11 2018

Easy Home-Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you may encounter some pressure when presenting your home to buyers. Home-staging is important when showcasing the best qualities of your home. Consider these easy home-staging tips from the experts to help you get the price you want, without breaking the bank, so you can make your next move on your terms.

1. Clean Up and Clear Out Rooms

Home-staging master bedroom

Source: Lennar.com

When showing your home, you don’t want buyers distracted by personal items that overshadow the room. Try to clear clutter by packing away personal items and rearranging the room in a way that is simple and clean. Having too many items in a room can make the room feel small and cramped, a major homebuyer turn-off. “After years of living in the same home, clutter collects in such a way that may not be evident to the homeowner. However, it does affect the way buyers see the home, even if you do not realize it,” says Page, a realtor of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Boca Raton, Florida.

2. Create Relatable Spaces

home-staging living room declutter and give it neutral tones

Source: Lennar.com

One of the goals of home-staging is to help your buyers visualize themselves in the house. They will have a harder time doing this if a room is extreme and overbearing in style, color or layout. Take some time to reorganize and rearrange the rooms in your home to create a relatable setting with neutralizing colors and accents. According to Page, “Fresh, neutral paint on the walls, trim and doors is worth its weight in gold – it makes everything appear clean and new.”

3. Revamp Kitchens and Bathrooms

home-staging kitchen declutter and make it friendly

Source: Lennar.com

Revamp your kitchen and bathroom by rethinking the space and finding affordable replacements for outdated parts. For example, if your cabinets need some work, instead of splurging on a new set altogether, invest in new drawer knobs and a fresh coat of paint. In addition, keep these areas especially clean and free of items that crowd the space. Deep clean the tile and countertops to remove grime and install some air fresheners to keep smells in check. In addition, consider buying woven or decorative containers to compartmentalize items.

Find your style and get inspired!

“When buyers see an unkempt home or smell something when they first walk-in, they become turned off immediately,” Page says, explaining buyers inability to look past dirty homes.

4. Don’t Forget the Front Lawn

home-staging front lawn is your first impression

Source: Lennar.com

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Clean up your lawn by mowing the lawn, adding mulch, or renting a pressure cleaner to remove dirt. Planting flowers or adding details to your front porch will help polish off the outside of your home. “Curb appeal is just as important as cleaning the inside of the home – it’s the first impression of your home,” says Page. When staging your home, keep it clean, organized and stylish to wow your buyers and lock-in the big sale.

Sources: HGTV.com Bankrate.com

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