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20 Easy Ways to Turn Your House into an Autumn Sanctuary

At Eagle Home Mortgage, we believe a home is so much more than a house. More than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries, the places where we work, study, and gather in. To help them feel welcoming and comfortable, here are some easy ways to welcome fall and create a cozy space indoors.

Bring in the light

As the days get shorter, now's the time to brighten our space.

  1. When in doubt, add twinkle lights. For a more fall look, choose tiny LED fairy lights with copper wiring.
  2. Choose dark candles. For autumn sophistication, choose candles in rich colors like plum, deep green, burnt sienna, or chocolate brown.
  3. Update table lamps on desks and workspaces to cast a prettier glow while you work or school from home.

Add softness and warmth

As we come indoors, we're looking to warm up, snuggle a bit. Bring out the blankets and pile on the pillows.

  1. Consider buying a cute basket to tuck between furniture and load it with rolled-up inexpensive fleece blankets.
  2. Tuck blankets and pillows on outdoor furniture to extend the porch-sitting season.
  3. Add extra blankets at the foot of beds for a cozy layered visual and warmth if needed.
  4. Switch out lighter material pillow covers for velvets and chunky yarn knits.

Change out textiles

  1. Choose hand towels for bathrooms in rich hues.
  2. Switch out jute or lighter rugs and add runners, doormats, and area rugs in heavier weights, cozy pile, and seasonal colors.
  3. Swap lightweight summer sheets for fall flannels.
  4. Add a fresh duvet cover in a warm color or a dark solid.
  5. Choose a bed-in-a-bag set in seasonal patterns for a whole new bedroom look.

Place a pumpkin somewhere unexpected

Of course, add a pumpkin on the porch or your front steps, too! But bringing the affordable cheer, warm color, and organic shapes of pumpkins indoors can infuse your space with fall vibes.

  1. Line up a display of mini pumpkins on a window sill.
  2. Make a cluster of pint-sized pumpkins on a bathroom counter.
  3. Pile dramatic gourds in a big bowl on the coffee table.
  4. Place a little basket of minis on a bedside table.
  5. Place a pumpkin centerpiece on the dining room table.
  6. Use a giant pumpkin as a doorstop.
  7. Paint pumpkins in solid colors and add metallic accents with small paint brushes and stencils.
  8. A display of all-white pumpkins with gold faces makes a unified and elegant statement and lasts longer than the carved version.

Say goodbye to summer by adding cozy Autumn touches around your house! Click our Eagle Home Mortgage Pinterest Board below for more fall decorating tips.


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